IFSTAL Digest 08/03/17

IFSTAL Digest 08/03/17

by Rosalind Sharpe -
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 Dear IFSTAL Community, 

Here is our regular round-up of the latest IFSTAL news and opportunities. Although we have come to the end of our formal workshop programme, there are still many ways you can participate and benefit from IFSTAL in the coming months. Keep checking our fortnightly Digest and see below for updates and forthcoming events and opportunities. 

Workshop write-ups from Units 3 & 4 

We write up these workshops on the Portal. You can find the reports, as well as photos and resources, under the events tile here on the portal homepage. The workshops are ordered by date. If you’d like to start or continue discussion from the workshops, you can also post in the Unit 3 forum here or the Unit 4 forum here 

Workplace Away Day – 4th March  

What a brilliant day we had on Saturday in Oxford. Thank you to those who attended, it was great to spend the day with all of you. All the resources and PHOTOS (!) are now on the portal here, and also accessible to those of you who were unable to attend. Look out for Team Theory and Multi Stakeholder Partnerships tools and techniques.   

Summer School – Applications now open! 

The IFSTAL Summer School will be taking place in Warwick from Sunday 2nd to Friday 7th July. This is a fully funded, residential, intensive summer school, open to up to 30 IFSTAL students from across the consortium. It is a great opportunity to extend your knowledge, meet experts, fellow students and prospective employers, join field trips to local food businesses, and work on real-life team projects set by food companies.  Please note that places are allocated on the basis of demonstrated engagement with Ifstal, so please be sure you have completed your Profile on the Portal, and are up to date with the Units. You can apply here on the Portal -- applications close on 10th April. Please see the relevant section here in Events for more information. 

Careers / Internships / Certificates  

As some of you approach the end of your studies, IFSTAL may be able to help you with finding suitable opportunities in the workplace. You can find information on this in the Workplace and Research section of the Portal here. Don’t forget to include IFSTAL on your CV – many organisations recognise and favour this. If you would like a certificate to reflect your participation in IFSTAL, please see the information regarding the procedure here on the Portal 

Job Opportunity 

Join the IFSTAL team! We are recruiting a new full-time Education Coordinator, to be based at Oxford University, for a 12-month period (maternity cover) beginning 1st May 2017, details here, closing date 15th March. 

Forthcoming IFSTAL Events  

IFSTAL Seminar: differing disciplinary approaches to researching malnutrition, Wednesday 15th March, 3.30-5pm, LIDC, London. This is an IFSTAL-led talk as part of the LIDC seminar series Understanding Development, which looks at different methodologies used by various disciplines to study the same issue. Dr Sara Stevano (SOAS) and Dr Pauline Scheelbeek (LSHTM) discuss their differing approaches to studying malnutrition, Sara from an economics and anthropology perspective, and Pauline from an epidemiology, nutrition and environment perspective. Details in the Portal calendar here and here on the LIDC website. 

Careers and skills days: we have specialist careers days in each Ifstal location taking place in May. YOU CAN BOOK A ONE:ONE SESSION WITH A CAREERS ADVISOR/ROSINA. For more details and to book your slot, see the link in the Workplace Events section here on the Portal.   

  • 4th May: Careers / Skills day for Oxford students.  

  • 11th May: Careers / Skills day for Reading students. 

  • 18th May: Careers / Skills day for Warwick students.   

  • 25th May: Careers / Skills day for our London students.  


13th June: PhD Away Day in London, focussing on interdisciplinary working, with sessions on how to publish your interdisciplinary research and tips on finding funding. Applications open 2nd May.   

2nd - 7th July: Summer School this year takes place at the University of Warwick. We are building an exciting programme — application details above.  

Dissertation ideas 

See here for some topics and some organisations you could approach (search under the workplace tab on the portal). The IFSTAL team is happy to talk to anyone seeking advice and wanting to discuss ideas about their dissertation over the coming months. Remember, you can also share ideas and discussions with each on the Portal forums here. 


New Briefing Paper: 

  •  From the Food Research Collaboration, written by Sustainable Food North West, describing the evolution of a collaborative, regional, five-university food research project: details here. 

  • Fifteenth Summer University on food history and culture, 28th August - 3rd September, in Tours, France. Bursaries available. Details here.  


  • Tropical Agriculture Association Award Fund (TAAF) - Up to £1000 award offers to MSc students in subjects related to food production and natural resource development at selected UK universities. A Call for Applications and an Application Form can be downloaded from their website  (click TAAF on the home page), deadline 31st March.  

PhD positions: 

  • Four-year PhD 'Policies for a resilient European agriculture', part of Horizon 2020 project SURE-Farm, joint appointment by the Public Administration and Strategic Communication groups of Wageningen University, details here, deadline 10th March.  


  • The Food Research Collaboration (FRC) is looking to recruit a Communications and Web Officer to lead on external communications and manage the website. Candidates need excellent writing skills plus experience of a range of content management systems (CMS), content development and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  Closing date 19th March, details here.  

  • Green Infrastructure Opportunity: A team of ecologists at University of Liverpool are keen to hear from potential applicants to the NERC Knowledge Exchange (KE) Fellowship direct call on Green Infrastructure. KE fellows work alongside academics while having a high degree of independence to use their skills in the best way to make a difference. Our team is keen to host a Knowledge Exchange Fellow and to broaden links between Urban Green Infrastructure projects in Liverpool and other areas in the UK and abroad.  Find more information on the Ifstal Forum here. 

Calls for sessions/papers:  

  • Oxford Food Forum annual conference ( April 29th) has the theme ‘Beyond the Silo: Understanding and Building Linkages across the Food System’. More information here. For submissions and questions, contact Abigail Bok at abigail.bok@keble.ox.ac.uk. 

  • 8th Annual Conference of the AESOP ‘Sustainable food planning’ group, Coventry, November, 'Re-imagining sustainable food planning, building resourcefulness: Food movements, insurgent planning and heterodox economics', details here.   

  • Journal of Urbanism has a special issue call: ‘Food and Urbanism’. The aim is to explore and extend our knowledge and understanding of the ways that food and urbanism interconnect in diverse urbanism contexts worldwide. More information here, Deadline 1st September.  

  • The WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger and the University Centre of Brasília are calling for papers on 'Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security: Building Bridges between Durable Agricultural Practices and School Feeding Programmes'. The papers will be entered in a contest open to graduate students in any part of the world, as well as professors and graduate researchers in social and political sciences and nutrition. The three top winners will take part in study trips organised by the WFP Centre of Excellence. Articles must be in English. New deadline  2nd April, details here. 

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