IFSTAL Digest 21/09/16

IFSTAL Digest 21/09/16

by Rebecca Wells -
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Dear All
A warm welcome to new IFSTAL participants and to those returning to IFSTAL for our second year. Thank you for joining IFSTAL and we hope you enjoy the exciting events and resources we have scheduled for this academic year.

IFSTAL is a unique programme for post-graduates interested in food and food systems from 7 institutions: Oxford University, City, University of London, Reading University, Warwick University, SOAS, the Royal Veterinary College and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. We hope we will all get to know each other over the year, foster new networks and learn from each other.  Find out more about IFSTAL with our new video.

If you haven’t already done so, please do go to the online IFSTAL Portal, fill out your profile and introduce yourself in this forum.  This will help you to find other people in the IFSTAL community who have similar research interests - or to find others who have expertise in an area you would like to know more about. If you have problems accessing the IFSTAL Portal, or have any questions, contact your local IFSTAL Education Co-ordinator:

City: Raquel Ajates & Rebecca Wells: ifstal-city@city.ac.uk
LCIRAH (SOAS, RVC & LSHTM): Lauren Blake: ifstal-lcirah@lcirah.ac.uk
Oxford: Bex White: ifstal-oxford@eci.ox.ac.uk or
Reading: Harley Pope: ifstal-reading@reading.ac.uk
Warwick: Kelly Reed: ifstal-warwick@warwick.ac.uk

If you have questions about IFSTAL’s workplace links or opportunities please contact our Workplace Engagement Lead, Rosina Borrelli: rosina.borrelli@eci.ox.ac.uk

You can find out the dates of IFSTAL events for this year by going to the Programme Overview - please add these dates to your diary!

This year we have a new online course which, in combination with our workshops, away days and other activities at your local sites will give you a better understanding of food systems, how we can work in an interdisciplinary way to improve them and how they are viewed in and by the workplace. These online resources will be available from October.

In the meantime do explore the online IFSTAL Portal where you will be able to find details of IFSTAL events for 2016/17, find out about IFSTAL internships, workplace links and research opportunities and get involved using the IFSTAL forum.

We very much look forward to meeting you on the IFSTAL Portal and in person at the IFSTAL 2016/17 Launch event on 18th October.

Rebecca Wells
on behalf of the IFSTAL team.

(Edited by Rosina Borrelli - original submission Wednesday, 21 September 2016, 6:48 PM)