IFSTAL Digest 15/07/16

IFSTAL Digest 15/07/16

by Harley Pope -
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Dear all,

We hope your research is going well over the summer, and that you’re able to get outdoors and enjoy the good weather too, for the moments it’s around!

This week’s IFSTAL digest reports on the summer school that was hosted by the University of Reading last week.  We also introduce Rosina Borelli, our workplace engagement lead.  She’s written about her role and how she can help you in the weeks and months to come – particularly regarding the IFSTAL alumni group.  Please also remember that you can request
IFSTAL Certificates.  Details on how to do this can be found <here>  .  We will also announce the winners for the IFSTAL survey and point to forthcoming blogs and events. 

Summer school

By all accounts the IFSTAL summer school was a resounding success!  We had expert speakers from a variety of disciplines providing practical ways of engaging with systems thinking, communicating complexity, and engaging with the workplace.  Everyone worked hard during the week, but had some respite on Wednesday when we visited a number of different farms, an anaerobic biodigester plant, and Waitrose HQ to speak to their corporate social responsibility team.  Thanks to everyone who came, participated and made it a great week!

You can find some of the
resources and student projects from the summer school at the bottom of the summer school page on the VLE< here> We hope to add more material there shortly.  Finally, a quote from John Ingram, the IFSTAL Oxford Principal Investigator:

“What a wonderful week we had at the first IFSTAL Summer School last week! I was really delighted to see the level of engagement build so strongly over the few days due to the diversity, calibre and enthusiasm of the participants, the speakers who so generously contributed their thoughts and time, and the ECs who did so much to make it the success it was. I very much hope all who participated will stay as actively engaged in IFSTAL as possible, and I look forward to further interaction with both those, and the wider IFSTAL community, over the time ahead.”

Welcome to our IFSTAL work place engagement lead – Rosina Borrelli

Rosina Borrelli has recently joined the team as our workplace engagement lead.  Here she’ll write about how she can help you and how you can help us going forward.  Please read below and sign up to our IFSTAL alumni group on LinkedIn.  You can find out more on our Workplace and Research tile, as well as how to get an IFSTAL certificate, for those of you who haven’t already< here>.

Hello, I’m Rosina Borrelli. I’ve recently joined the IFSTAL team as the Workplace Engagement Lead. This involves connecting the programme with the wider food industry network and finding opportunities for work experience for our students. More about that below.

A bit about me: My background is in change management consultancy, mainly with retailers and FMCG organisations. I took an MA in Culinary Arts in 2010 and have since worked in food education and change with Slow Food, The National Childbirth Trust and The Children’s Food Trust amongst others. My predominant research interest area is human behaviour and cultural influences on food choices and decisions.

How I can help you: As members of the IFSTAL network you have access to this portal until the end of your studies. I am working with organisations to find short term and longer term opportunities for you to gain work experience. So far we have links with Sainsburys, DEFRA, Oxfam, Food Standards Agency and Compassion in World Farming. I will be posting details of these opportunities on the portal and on the LinkedIn page which is a closed group created for you to keep in touch when you are no longer registered students. Link below. I will also be working with your local Education Coordinator and your careers services to ensure you have local support when writing applications and preparing for interviews.

How you can help us: Our funding from HEFCE for the IFSTAL programme is to address the gap in skills in the workplace. If you find a role independently, could you please let us know so we can report on this? And if possible become a host for another IFSTAL student internship? Please take a look at the presentation on the portal on the IFSTAL Network and action some of the LinkedIn tasks important for future connections and job searches.

Get in touch: Please join the LinkedIn Group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8481225 (or search for IFSTAL group). If you would like to get in touch directly, my email is rosina.borrelli@eci.ox.ac.uk.

I look forward to working with you!

Winners of the Online Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in providing feedback throughout the year.  It’s essential that we hear from you to help us improve the programme. 

1st Prize – Corinne Muir from Warwick (£60 restaurant voucher)
2nd Prize - Dafni Vasilopoulou from Reading (£30 book token)
3rd Prize – Fanen Terdoo from Reading (£10 book token)

New Blogs

Lauren Blake, the LCIRAH Educational Coordinator, has blogged about her recent attendance at the Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Academy Week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Check it out as she writes about the event and how it relates to what we promote here at IFSTAL <click here>. 

Work Opportunities:

There are a number of great work opportunities available to you. 

·       RVC have seven fully funded (including stipend) MRes projects for this coming academic year. Also open to non-veterinary/medical/biological science students. <click here>

·       2 WEEKS LEFT TO APPLY FOR BCFN YES! 20,000 EURO RESEARCH GRANT IN FOOD SUSTAINABILITY.  For PhD and Post-doc students. More information on the website. <click here>

Upcoming Events:

·       The Knowledge Transfer Network is holding an event for early career researchers in the food and related industries on Tuesday 18th October in Manchester. The event is aimed at MSc/PhD students and early post-docs and aims to introduce them to the breadth of career opportunities available to them in the food industry and to provide industrial participants with an opportunity to meet the up and coming generation of researchers. Last year's event had delegates from Mondelez, Unilever, Allied Technical Centre, Mars Waltham and Association for Nutrition. <click here>


Thanks for reading – news will continue to be delivered over the summer.  Remember to sign up to our Alumni group on LinkedIn.

Best wishes,

Harley (On behalf of the IFSTAL team)