IFSTAL Digest 5.06 - March 2020

IFSTAL Digest 5.06 - March 2020

by Louise Whatford -
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Issue 5.06

March 2020


Dear IFSTAL members,

Thank you to all those that attended the last workshop it was a great day! Slides and notes can be found on the tab 'The day' on the application page for Workshop 4, this can be found through the events tab. We hope you are well during these uncertain times. Maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing is important at this time, be kind to yourselves and others. Below are some interesting blogs, papers and webinars etc to keep you entertained! Also there is an important announcement regarding the summer school, please see below! We would also like to encourage you to get your IFSTAL certificate of participation, please refer to the guidelines at the bottom of the essential information page on the portal on how to apply for your certificate.

Do also follow us on social media (all the links below), we, and others use #ifstal #foodsystemsthinking to flag up interesting events, roles or opportunities that may be of interest. 

 Best wishes,

The IFSTAL team


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Summer School

Unfortunately due to the current circumstances with Covid-19 and government guidance we have decided to cancel the summer school. However, we are instead working on offering a virtual IFSTAL event that will be held during the week that the summer school was already planned (22-26 June)! We are working on the exact dates and programme now so please watch this space, but do register your interest now for the virtual IFSTAL event using this link!


Papers | Reports | Blogs | Webinars

If you have suggestions for this section, please let us know or share on the portal forums. 

Papers, reports and articles

Using local initiatives to envision sustainable and resilient food systems in the Stockholm city-region. Sellberg et al., 2020.

Framework for creating sustainable tourism using systems thinking. Roxas et al., 2018.

Global meat industry reacts to coronavirus pandemic – Global meat news

Blogs and podcasts

Thoughtful eating - Dr Lizzie Rowe from the Sustainable Food Trust talks about the plant-based versus meat debate mentioning that we need to stop demonising and start collaborating to remedy our broken food system.

Sustainable Food Trust podcast - questioning current food production methods and shedding light on the future of farming.

Farm Gate Podcast - Farm Gate is a co-production between Farmwel and FAI Farms focussing on practical solutions for climate and food security.


Do you want to blog for us? We’d love to hear about your experiences or views on some aspect of the food system, or your place (and others’) within it.  Feel free to pitch ideas to your local EC and we can provide guidance on how to get started or on structure if wanted.



Keeping in touch

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