IFSTAL Digest 5.03 - December 2019

IFSTAL Digest 5.03 - December 2019

by Louise Whatford -
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Dear IFSTAL members,


We’ve really enjoyed our first term and getting to know you all and look forward to further chances of meeting with you all next year. We have more workshops planned for next year to build on the units and plans for summer school! In this digest you will find some general info, upcoming deadlines for job opportunities, conference calls and dates for the next workshops.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2020! J

Do also follow us on social media (all the links below), we, and others use #ifstal #foodsystemsthinking to flag up interesting events, roles or opportunities that may be of interest. 

Best wishes,



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Upcoming dates for your diary – keep an eye out for when applications open!




Workshop 3 – Application of food system methods

8th February 2020

School of Geography – University of Oxford

Workshop 4 – Intervention of food systems change

7th March 2020

Royal Veterinary College  Camden campus



Thank you for your feedback on the portal we have taken this on board and considering revisions. We are working on the layout and upgrading the portal at the moment so please do be patient with us as you may see some areas change or move around. If you experience any problems please do contact us! One issue already flagged is the difficulty in finding the workplace pages, here is the direct link to help with this until it is fixed: https://vle.ifstal.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=18


Papers | Reports | Blogs | Webinars

If you have suggestions for this section, please let us know or share on the portal forums.

Papers and reports

A future workforce of food-system analyst. Ingram et al., 2019. https://www.nature.com/articles/s43016-019-0003-3

Agricultural development addresses food loss and waste while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Galford et al., 2020. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0048969719343098

Rapid transformation of food systems in developing regions: Higlighting the role of agricultural research and innovations. Reardon et al., 2019. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0308521X17308922


Blogs and videos

Sustainable Food Trust – Why sustainable farming needs government support



Geoff Tansey Blog – Compassionate meat eating



Daily food blog by Marion Nestle



IFSTAL Workshop1 and 2 blog



Blog on the LCIRAH IFSTAL launch


Do you want to blog for us? We’d love to hear about your experiences or views on some aspect of the food system, or your place (and others’) within it.  Feel free to pitch ideas to your local EC and we can provide guidance on how to get started or on structure if wanted.


Conferences | Seminars | Events | Funding | Exhibitions | Shows



The Oxford Farming Conference – Oxford 7-9 January 2020 https://www.ofc.org.uk/conference/2020


Agriculture, nutrition and health academy 2020 conference – Malawi 1-3 July 2020

Call for abstracts, deadline 15th January!!! https://academy.lcirah.ac.uk/anh2020-call-abstracts


REAMIT Netowrking symposium 2020 - Improving resource efficiency of agribusiness supply chains by minimising waste using big data and IoT sensors



Job and career opportunities

Account manager Sedex (approx. deadline 2nd January 2020)- https://sedexinformationexchangeltd.peoplehr.net/Pages/JobBoard/Opening.aspx?v=4a1d7b7f-f345-48da-806f-af108ad6f86a


Future Food Fellowship call 2020 (deadline 31 March 2020) - https://youtu.be/1rOEhy1JPek; https://www.futurefoodtalents.org


Good Food Oxford – Manager (deadline 13th January 2020) https://goodfoodoxford.org/jobs/recruiting-new-manager/


Research Fellow in Agriculture-Food Systems for Nutrition (deadline 24th December 2019) - https://jobs.lshtm.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=EPH-DPH-2019-25-R


Keeping in touch

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