IFSTAL webinar tomorrow (Thursday June 27th) at 1 pm.

IFSTAL webinar tomorrow (Thursday June 27th) at 1 pm.

by Yara Chamata -
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Hi everyone, 

There’s an interesting IFSTAL webinar happening tomorrow (Thursday, 27th June) at 1pm.

 We will be joined by Dr. Dimitris Charalampopoulos who will be presenting his research on the development of novel value chain from cocoa pod husks in Indonesia. He will also be outlining the various technological, environmental, and socio-economic challenges faced throughout the project. He is the head of the Food Bioprocessing Sciences team at the University of Reading, and his research areas of interest include the development of efficient bio-processes aimed at the conversion of complex waste products to high value products.

To join the webinar, please follow these instructions:

1.  Open up a web browser (preferably Chrome)
2.  Go to https://video.reading.ac.uk
3.  Choose from the pull down or type glasgow@video.reading.ac.uk
4.  Type your name
5.  You will be prompted to connect to your microphone and camera
6.  Select Guest 
7.  Select CONNECT

 We are aiming to be online at 12:30, so you can connect between 12:30 and 1:00 pm. For those of you at the University of Reading who would like to attend, the webinar will take place at AGRIC 1L14 in the School of Agriculture.