IFSTAL Digest - 28 June 2017

IFSTAL Digest - 28 June 2017

by Kelly Reed -
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Dear IFSTAL Community,

Hopefully everyone got to enjoy some of the lovely weather we have had recently!

Do have a look below on upcoming activities with IFSTAL (and others) and as always, your EC’s, PI’s, and Rosina are always happy to talk and help in any way we can.

IFSTAL Summer School – Warwick University 2-7th July

The IFSTAL summer school kicks off this Sunday and for those of you who are unable to be here, the EC team will be posting daily updates, so click into the summer school tab on the main page for more information!

2016/7 Student Survey

Many thanks for everyone who filled out the student survey! We are taking on your feedback as we enter Year 3. Here we have Nathalia Valderrama Bohorque from City with her prize (a £60 restaurant voucher).

Read about the recent PhD away day at LIDC, London, here

New Blogs

  • IFSTAL’s got OxTalent - IFSTAL has been recognised for its innovative use of digital technology at the University of Oxford’s annual OxTALENT awards.  

Research / Careers / Internships – Click here for current opportunities 

Don’t forget to include IFSTAL on your CV!


If you would like a certificate for your participation in IFSTAL, please see the information regarding the procedure here on the Portal.



  • PhD Studentship: RVC-funded PhD investigating antibiotic usage on UK dairy farms commencing this October. Deadline for applications 2nd July. Details here and here.



  • Malnutrition is the new normal: A British problem needing a global outlook. The Food Foundation is organising an event on July 4th from 6.30 to 8 pm, at Parliament (in collaboration with the APPG) looking at global malnutrition. Prof Corinna Hawkes (Centre for Food Policy) is the keynote speaker. Please register here
  • The Sustainable Food Trust is organising a conference to take place on the 10 – 11 July 2017 at Llandovery College, Wales. The aim is to explore issues of sustainability in food and farming in a new way through the lens of the principles of harmony. Around 50 speakers, including Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Dame Ellen MacArthur, Helen Browning, Graham Harvey, Tony Juniper and many others. You can check out the programme and book tickets here (concessionary prices are available)
  • We are pleased to announce the 5th “Eating City Summer Campus” July 24 - August 1, inviting 28 participants aged 22-32, working & studying around food sustainability:  Chefs, Food Procurement Officers, Farmers & Fisherman and Foodies from EU Member States (Up to 20 participants) and U.S.A. (Up to 8 participants) to share this challenging adventure. Click here for more details

Calls for sessions/papers:  

  • Journal of Urbanism has a special issue call: ‘Food and Urbanism’. The aim is to explore and extend our knowledge and understanding of the ways that food and urbanism interconnect in diverse urbanism contexts worldwide. More information here, Deadline 1st September.

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