IFSTAL Digest - 15 May 2017

IFSTAL Digest - 15 May 2017

by Saher Hasnain -
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IFSTAL Digest 15/06/17

Dear IFSTAL Community,

Hopefully everyone is gearing up for a wonderful summer break!


Do have a look below on upcoming activities with IFSTAL (and others):


As always, your EC’s, PI’s, and Rosina are always happy to talk and help in any way we can.

Update: The IFSTAL team has won a 'runner-up' award in OxTALENT 2017! This is the second year we've participated in and won with OxTALENT, and we have all of you to thank for the success. Do see #oxTALENT2017 for the updates from the day, the other brilliant projects using innovative methods in teaching and learning, and http://blogs.it.ox.ac.uk/oxtalent/, to see what its all about.

2016/7 Student Survey

Many thanks for everyone who filled out the student survey! We are taking on your feedback as we enter Year 3. Here we have Kelly Bridges from Oxford with her prize (a 30£ book token)

 Kelly Bridges receiving her prize for participating in the IFSTAL Student Survey

Research / Careers / Internships / Certificates

As some of you approach the end of your studies, IFSTAL may be able to help you with finding suitable opportunities in the workplace. Check out Rosina’s latest workplace update in the workplace forum HERE, and the workplace tile in general for links to research opportunities with OXFAM and opportunities to support the Sustainable Food Trust in their policy work.

Don’t forget to include IFSTAL on your CV – many organisations recognise and favour this.

If you would like a certificate to reflect your participation in IFSTAL, please see the information regarding the procedure here on the Portal.




·         PhD Studentship: Antibiotic use in companion animals: a mixed methods anthropological study. The Bloomsbury Colleges, University of London, LSHTM and RVC. Click here

·         PhD Studentship: RVC-funded PhD investigating antibiotic usage on UK dairy farms commencing this October. Deadline for applications 2nd July. Details here and here.


·         There are quite a few positions at the moment, all listed in the latest Workplace Update here.


·         The BCFN Foundation invites young researchers from across the world to present their research projects on food and sustainability. The prize is a research grant worth 20,000 Euros for one year. This year, the grant will be awarded to a maximum of three winners. The competition will close on the 28th of June. It is open to PhD students and postdocs who started after January 1, 2011. For further information:  www.barillacfn.com

·         Food Thinkers:  The intersectoral approach to food and nutrition security in Brazil - how it was built and where we stand today. With guest speaker Professor Renato Maluf Professor at the  Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London. Chaired by Professor Corinna Hawkes, Director, Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London. Tuesday 27 June 2017, 4.30pm-6pm, A130 College Building, City, University of London. Register here.

·         VentureFest, Oxford: From Start-Up to Scale-Up, 21st June, free registration for students. This one-day event showcases science and entrepreneurship and is a great opportunity to mix with successful entrepreneurs, showcase an idea or just browse the exhibition. Register here: http://www.venturefestoxford.com/venturefest-2017/    

·         Women's Environmental Network:  Sustainable Sustenance: How Can Your Diet Change the World? Thu 22 June 2017 18:30 – 21:30 BST. Speakers include: Guy Watson, Founder/CEO of Riverford Organic Farmers, Biba Hartigan, Founder/CEO of Climates Network, Dr Tara Garnett, Food Climate Research Network, Environmental Change Institute, Deidre Woods, Community Food Growers Network/BBC Cook of the Year 2016/Food Sovereignty Movement. Ecology Pavilion, London. Tickets here.

·         Pop up activity programme running every Wednesday 10-6 at Selfridges, London until June 8th 2017. A free drop in opportunity to engage in activities such as pea podding, tea making, herb bundling and spice grinding. Held around a giant table with lots of conversations happening about memory, culture, tradition and health. Click here for details.

·         Rise of the citizens- The Future of Food project will at Borough Market on Wednesday June 28th (8.30am-10.30am) If you also want to join the movement. Tickets are available here.

·         Every Thursday 1-3 and 4-6 £15 SOAS Alumni ‘Anthropologists of Eating’ are running Bookable workshops alternating on the themes of the Sourdough Story and Preserves.  For more information email: anthropologistsofeating@gmail.com

·         IHR Food History Seminar will be held at 5.30pm on alternate Thursdays during the summer term. For further information, please see http://www.history.ac.uk/events/seminar/food-history or email foodhistoryseminar@gmail.com You can also follow us on Twitter: @IHR_FoodHist

·         Utrecht University Summer School: Food Politics in the EU (3rd - 14th July 2017)  Middelburg, The Netherlands. For students who are interested in a comprehensive overview of key problems with respect to our food system and the way EU and national policies seek to address them. The course - co-funded by the Erasmus+ program - includes guest speakers, a full day excursion to local farms as well as a day to Brussels where we will focus on the glyphosate controversy. The course earns 4 ECTS credits and offers an optional exam for students who want to have a course grade in addition to a certificate of participation. Further info and application details can be found on the website: https://www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/courses/social-sciences/food-politics-in-the-european-union

·         We are pleased to announce the 5th “Eating City Summer Campus” July 24th - August 1st, inviting 28 participants aged 22-32, working & studying around food sustainability:  Chefs, Food Procurement Officers, Farmers & Fisherman and Foodies from EU Member States (Up to 20 participants) and U.S.A. (Up to 8 participants) to share this challenging adventure. Click here for more details


Calls for sessions/papers:  

·         Journal of Urbanism has a special issue call: ‘Food and Urbanism’. The aim is to explore and extend our knowledge and understanding of the ways that food and urbanism interconnect in diverse urbanism contexts worldwide. More information here, Deadline 1st September.

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