| Wednesday, 7 February 2018 |
Global event

Warwick Workshop 3

4:15 PM

IFSTAL Workshop 3 - Wednesday 7th February 2018 - Oculus OC1.01 @ 4.15pm - 6pm

OC1.01, The Oculus

In this workshop you will hear from Dr Thijs van Rens, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Warwick. This session will look at how we can examine the food system using case studies from work on obesity in the US, where lack of access to healthy food is one of the main drivers of the obesity epidemic. Dr van Rens will explore the interdisciplinary nature of these studies, which include medical science, nutrition, sociology and economics, and the forces underlying the emergence of food deserts - a geographic areas in low-income neighbourhoods where there is insufficient access to healthy food.

All students and staff are welcome. Contact Kelly Reed at if you have any questions

Global event

IFSTAL Workshop 3

5:00 PM » Thursday, 8 February, 8:00 PM

This workshop is aimed at using participatory models and tools with the purpose of developing consensus and agreement around particular topics.

This workshop is designed as a Game Jam and uses a game perspective to explore actor roles, interactions, and environments. Games have the unique potential to challenge, inspire, engage, and help people explore the complexity around food.

Find out more about the workshop and some helpful resources here.

Workshop learning outcomes: 

o   Have designed and played through a food systems game;

o   Worked in a multidisciplinary team to consider and explore different food system perspectives;

o   Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a gaming approach to food system challenges;

o   Reflected on the process, benefits, and potential drawbacks of a gaming approach to addressing food system challenges.

The same workshop will be hosted at each location below. 

Wednesday 7th February 2018 

Warwick University 

Thursday 8th February 2018

Oxford University - Gottmann A, School of Geography and the Environment @ 5-7 pm - Sign up here: Eventbrite

Reading University - 1L08, Agriculture Building @ 6-7:30 pm

London - Room LG24, LSHTM (Keppel St) @ 5-7pm